Day 4

It’s Thursday and I’m spending the day at home to take care of my son. This is my first full day spent at home in many months, and it’s been good to see what’s happening here on Project Day 4.

Today, the crew has been working on removing the windows from the “new kitchen” room, as well as the room below. It’s a noisy process and they’re out on scaffolding. I think they may be doing some siding removal as well. They’ll be ordering the new windows and doors for that space and the room below. It’s probably the coldest weather we’ve had so far this fall, and as I sit here in the living room, I’m definitely feeling the breeze. (Note…that got much better later when the new window holes were covered up for the night.)

I snapped a few pictures yesterday when we got home from our day at the hospital. As you can see, we’re down to the bare bricks in the former kitchen. It looks like some kind of historic site.




The other interesting site was this doorframe. We always thought there had been a window behind the stove, and it turns out there was a door. This might make it easier to open the room to the new deck…but we’ll have to wait and see.

One of today’s more challenging tasks was moving the refrigerator into the dining room. It sounded simple and the guys waited to the end of the day to do this, after finishing  their outside work. They were trying to make things convenient for me since I had to totally empty the contents. Unfortunately they had a really hard time getting both doors off the fridge so that it could come through the narrow doorframe. With a lot of work, it’s now done, and I have all my appliances here in my makeshift kitchen.

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