Day 12 & 13: Not just a hole in the wall!

Good morning! We started the morning yesterday with the 6 a.m. arrival of concrete. Amazingly enough, the concrete truck was able to back down our driveway and the crew efficiently created a beautiful new concrete floor in the basement space.

We also have a hole in the wall—the door to the new deck. That doorframe sits where there was once a back door in our house (we always thought there was a window there, not a door). That would have been some time prior to the 1940’s. We do have some old pictures that show a large back porch (prior to when our bedroom addition was built around 1949). Anyway, the hole is there, and a beautiful new door will bring light into the new kitchen space!

We had a good conversation with project manager Matt yesterday, and selected the stucco color for the exterior and talked about the exterior window trim. I had not really thought a lot about how this project was going to look from the outside, but I’m really excited about what we have planned! I can’t wait to see how it looks in a few weeks.

What’s on today’s schedule?

• Drywall work—another big truck pulled up to our scary driveway early this morning. I’m glad I don’t have to figure out all these deliveries—that’s why we hired a contractor.

• Electricity—lots of work in that area today. The cats are back to their basement confinement.


Coming soon?

• The new floor will be installed in the next few days and the cabinets come next week already.


Congratulations to Heck Construction for being named Business of the Year by the Central Penn Business Journal!

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