Weekend homework

Why does it seem like we’re always counting the days to each weekend, only to have those two precious days fly by so quickly?

Whenever people ask me about how the project is going, I’ll start out with “Well, its’ day ____ and we have about _____ days to go”. I think the last time I focused this much on what week we were in was when I was pregnant (and that was a LONG time ago, haha!). A very wise friend told me that maybe I should stop the counting–or at least stop announcing it to everyone else!

This weekend, we all were pretty energetic and got some tasks done. My husband did some yardwork and cleaned a bunch of leaves off the roof and the deck (s). Then he actually hauled a lawn chair through the house and set it out on the new deck to admire the “back forty” until the sun went down and coolness set in.

I spent much of the day recovering the seats on some very old oak chairs. Yesterday morning, I found a terrific piece of fabric on the remnant pile at Joann fabrics that only cost $15. I have never done this kind of project before, but I was pretty pleased with the results. These chairs have a lot of sentimental value. They go with the kitchen table from my grandparents’ house, where I spent a lot of time as a little girl. I remember my grandfather covering these chairs in red vinyl sometime in the seventies and they have held up pretty well. We’ve had the dinette set for 13 years, but never had a good space for it. Now we do!


I’m starting to think about where the everything will go when we move back into the kitchen. With the cabinets in place, I can start mapping this out so that the unpacking goes easier. One thing is for sure–some of our “stuff” is not going back into the cupboards. I tried to be very intentional as I packed and sorted, but living in our makeshift kitchen has taught me that I don’t need so much of everything at my fingertips. I foresee a bunch of things making their way to Goodwill rather than back upstairs!




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