Day 27 & Day 28: Feeling Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving eve! It’s been a very exciting two days. Here is what has been happening around here…

On Tuesday, the guys installed door handles, and continued to work on the coffee station/pantry area. This was no easy task–that particular area of our house is so totally crooked with no right angles. Please note: we all knew this was not something that could easily be fixed, so the challenge was to make it look as good as possible. And, they did!

The electrician was here and we were finally ready to move the appliances into place! Hurray! The light fixtures–with the exception of the outside lights–have not yet arrived. They should be here next week. My goal all along was to be able to cook a few dishes for Thanksgiving, and that is happening. I cooked dinner tonight and made several other things. It was WONDERFUL!

Today, it was pretty apparent that we are in the home stretch. It was a really ugly weather day, and despite that, the guys began the clean-up process. The painter was here for the first coat on the trim. Late in the day, the truck came to take the final dumpster away. Watching that process was downright scary. I had visions of that big red dumpster crashing into the end of the house, but it is GONE!

There are still a few loose ends…siding, construction of the window seat, more painting, lights, a bit more fine tuning. However Matt & Matt tell us that we will likely be done next week.

So, as we sit here with all the boys home for a few days, we are so very thankful for things both large and small. God has certainly blessed us and we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!





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