Week 6: Almost done!

Hurray for a holiday week…and a few extra days off from work. This was the perfect timing! On Friday, the painter was here for most of the morning (yes, another early morning wake up, but no worries) putting on a second coat of pretty blue paint, and finishing the trim painting. It looks terrific! Then Matt stopped by to check on progress and we were given the green light to move things into our cabinets. So, instead of Black Friday shopping, I spent the day bringing boxes up from the basement, unpacking and arranging my new kitchen. I also made a terrific dinner for the family! It was good to have the time to start to get my bearings for working in the new space. I LOVE IT!

My husband and son spent some time moving all the old cabinets off the patio and down to his fabulous new storage room. We are all happy to not see them in front of the house anymore!

The process of getting back to normal continued today, with more boxes unpacked and more stuff put away. I’m sure I will move things around many times until I’m satisfied with the arrangement. We actually excavated enough of the basement to make it possible for # 2 son to use his basement bedroom for the rest of the weekend. He’s been a good sport about sleeping on his brother’s futon while home on break, but I felt bad about that (hey, I’m a mom).

According to Matt, things should be done by Tuesday. That seems hard to believe–as there is a little more electrical, carpentry, siding and deck work to be done. But I’ve seen these guys get a lot accomplished each day. We are close to the finish line now!





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