Week 7 in review…and we’re pretty much done!

We’ve officially reached the end of seven weeks of work. Did you notice that I’ve stopped counting days? That’s because we are pretty much done! Here’s what “done” means:

• The Heck Construction group has officially moved out of our house. Last week, our project foreman Matt coordinated the wrap-up/ clean-up of the project, removing their supplies, equipment, and other stuff for the last time. Much of this was happening on two miserably rainy days. Many thanks to Matt, Brandon & Corey who were here much of the time these past few weeks.

• Matt constructed and installed the bench for my window seat in the kitchen. My original idea was a seat that had a hinged top so that we could store things inside. Due to the location of the baseboard heat–on the outside walls which was the most appropriate place–we had to go with more of a bench than a box for a seat. I like the finished product and the final step will be upholstering the seat with the fabric that I picked up at JoAnn Fabric. Image

I love picking out fabric, and I took a chance on this one, as I was shopping without my paint swatch. Driving home, I looked at it and thought it might be the wrong shade of blue. Putting it next to the paint, I really like it! I have to buy some kind of batting or foam to pad the seat and then we’ll use a staple gun to put it all together. I’m hoping to do that before the end of the week.


• The painter made yet another Saturday visit to paint the bench. That task did not look like much fun–he was laying on the floor painting under the seat, where the brackets are located. He didn’t paint the top, since it will be covered.Image


• The coffee station and pantry are done, with some nifty drawers installed in the pantry. Those are really deep shelves and I’m filling them up with the groceries that have been kept in odd places these past few weeks. If you’ve wondered why these cabinets are brown, it’s because I thought white cabinets would look odd in a location about 10 feet from the rest of the kitchen, and we wanted that area to be kind of a separate space. We also planned to move an antique piece of furniture out there and I think it’s turned out pretty nice.



• Outside, deck, siding and stairs are done too. One of these days, there will be photos, I promise!

What remains? One more visit from the electrician to switch out the pendant lights. The ones that were installed are not the ones that are supposed to be there. The “good” ones are supposed to be here in two days and if they arrive intact they will be switched out. Also, there need to be a few dimmer switches installed. I’m hoping this is easy stuff. We’ll also have sort of final meeting and conversation with project manager this week.


We’ve pretty much moved in and unpacked all that we want to unpack for now. The house is back in shape for the holidays and I’m feeling very happy, very thankful and very pleased with our new kitchen.

And guess what? No early morning wakeup is happening around here tomorrow–for the first time in two months. Hurray!



Day 34: Wow, what a nice deck!

Today’s work was all outside, finishing the railing on the top and along the stairs. it is such a solid deck and very nicely crafted. It was kind of drizzly and dark when I got home so I didn’t get to really explore every angle. It also looked like other outside work was done on siding and trim, but I don’t know the details. These dark early evenings don’t allow the blogger/ photographer to get great photos,

I think tomorrow is inside work again. We are anxious to see the loose ends tied up very soon, and I’m sure the construction company feels the same way. So close…

Day 33: Starting to feel at home!


This isn’t the best of photos–I took it in the evening, using an iPad–but I wanted to show you a bit about how we are settling in to our new super nice kitchen. I have not done much more rearranging or unpacking since the weekend but I’m getting used to working and living in this new space. Unloading the dishwasher and putting dishes away feels a bit less awkward each day and hallelujah, I love just having a working sink and dishwasher again! We are enjoying eating at the counter and the little kitchen table too.

In the next two days, the brown cabinets at our coffee station and pantry will get their finishing touches and we can finally put our food back where it belongs, and unpack a few more boxes. We will also be relocating either our Hoosier cabinet or dry sink to the kitchen area, and I can’t wait to have a more spacious dining room again.

Today was a quiet day here–the crew was working elsewhere. Work resumes tomorrow and we are nearly done. Feeling thankful and ready for Christmas decorating!

More pictures coming soon–I’ve been too busy to take any outside pictures for days, and that looks great too!

Day 31: Lights are arriving a little late

We are so close to the finish line on our project…but we’ve hit a very minor snag. The pendant lights that we selected for above the counter and sink are late. We’ve been so very lucky (blessed is a better word) with great weather, great progress and the project has been pretty close to the original schedule. We can certainly function quite well in the kitchen without these lights, but we’re now working on some other options. The electrician will cap the little holes where the pendants would have been installed today and we’ll see if we can get a suitable replacement quickly. I really wanted things to look “done” for the holidays, and I think we’ll be able to achieve that.

I guess the lesson learned is this: select and order light fixtures as early in project as possible. Our project manager told us that light fixtures can be problematic, with things sometimes arriving broken or not on time. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the lights that I ordered last night get here on the day they are supposed to arrive, and in one piece!