Day 31: Lights are arriving a little late

We are so close to the finish line on our project…but we’ve hit a very minor snag. The pendant lights that we selected for above the counter and sink are late. We’ve been so very lucky (blessed is a better word) with great weather, great progress and the project has been pretty close to the original schedule. We can certainly function quite well in the kitchen without these lights, but we’re now working on some other options. The electrician will cap the little holes where the pendants would have been installed today and we’ll see if we can get a suitable replacement quickly. I really wanted things to look “done” for the holidays, and I think we’ll be able to achieve that.

I guess the lesson learned is this: select and order light fixtures as early in project as possible. Our project manager told us that light fixtures can be problematic, with things sometimes arriving broken or not on time. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the lights that I ordered last night get here on the day they are supposed to arrive, and in one piece!

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