Day 33: Starting to feel at home!


This isn’t the best of photos–I took it in the evening, using an iPad–but I wanted to show you a bit about how we are settling in to our new super nice kitchen. I have not done much more rearranging or unpacking since the weekend but I’m getting used to working and living in this new space. Unloading the dishwasher and putting dishes away feels a bit less awkward each day and hallelujah, I love just having a working sink and dishwasher again! We are enjoying eating at the counter and the little kitchen table too.

In the next two days, the brown cabinets at our coffee station and pantry will get their finishing touches and we can finally put our food back where it belongs, and unpack a few more boxes. We will also be relocating either our Hoosier cabinet or dry sink to the kitchen area, and I can’t wait to have a more spacious dining room again.

Today was a quiet day here–the crew was working elsewhere. Work resumes tomorrow and we are nearly done. Feeling thankful and ready for Christmas decorating!

More pictures coming soon–I’ve been too busy to take any outside pictures for days, and that looks great too!

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