Here’s a look at the exterior…on a sunny December day!

I have been planning to take photos of the outside of our new kitchen but rain, snow and darkness were conspiring against me! Last week, with a few days off after Christmas, I finally took some photos to share here. Check out the blue sky…and the new look to the house. Ignore the spouting, which needs work, and the paint on the bricks, which will get some work in the spring.

As I mentioned a while ago, this room was part of an addition put on the house in the 60s or 70s and it wasn’t constructed well (I have no idea who did the original work). The room, though sunny, was always drafty in winter, and it seemed to me it was barely attached to the house! There were actually vines growing into the walls–thankfully not into the house! Now it’s solid, not drafty and still sunny. We like the new siding too.

All of our Christmas visitors were impressed with the deck as well. We can’t wait to use it next summer and we are already enjoying having a back door access to our yard.

Since our kitchen project is now complete, I guess I’ll have to find another subject to blog about online. I’ll continue to share updates about how the kitchen is working for us. One home project leads to another, so who knows what will come next. Happy New Year!





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