Working on the wall

Today was the start of another project–rebuilding a stone wall that borders the creek next to our house. We actually contacted a stone mason almost a year ago about this job, and they are finally getting started. Apparently skilled stone masons are in great demand. We had hoped to do this project in the fall…and it’s now January.

Our little creek had a stone wall that stood the test of time for decades. However, construction in our neighborhood led to erosion that in turn washed out our wall. I was so sad when this happened a few years ago. The pile of rocks had fallen in the creek and there was no wall any more. My husband and sons did manage to get the less heavy rocks out of the creek, but the task of rebuilding required professional attention. I honestly stopped walking around that side of the house because the broken wall just bothered me.

What you see here isn’t just a pile of rocks. It’s a start of something new. Hurray!

Note: this is a separate project from the kitchen…through a masonry company.


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