Snow, snow and a little more snow!

I’m sitting here in my kitchen dining area (on that lovely bench made by the Heck Construction carpenters) getting ready for yet another winter weather event. I am so glad that our project was completed long before this crazy winter. It’s been about two months since our job was done and here’s what has been happening:
1. We are still unpacking boxes each week. Now that the holidays are packed away, we have a better sense of how the kitchen works for us. I’m moving things around to more logical spots, and making decisions about what doesn’t need to return to the cupboards. It’s very freeing to have less stuff in my workspace.
2. We finally hung some pictures. It’s no secret that our family loves to have artwork and photos everywhere. But we were very slow to put things back in place. We didn’t want to put nails in those pretty blue walls, I guess! Curtains have now been bought–and will go up soon, I promise!
3. My husband is diligently sorting and organizing in our storage room. I see a yard sale in our future!

The snow has delayed the stone wall project–no surprise there!

One last thought–we are sooo glad that the kitchen is better insulated. This room was always drafty but it is now a pleasant, warm spot all day long.

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